What His Facebook Page Says About Kimani Washington

Published October 2, 2010

Kimani Washington's Facebook profile photo

Kimani Washington (Facebook)

Kimani Washington describes himself as “The realest n—- livin’ In and outta prison” on his Facebook page. Universal Hub’s Adam Gaffin was tipped off to the page.

Washington was arrested early Saturday morning in Manchester, N.H., in connection with the Mattapan murders. He is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and receiving a stolen motor vehicle in connection with the shooting.

Washington is not charged with murder.

On Facebook, Washington’s name is displayed as Kimani Iklhas. I Googled the word and asked on Twitter for the meaning of Ikhlas — it’s Arabic for “purity,” “fidelity” or “sincerity” and is the name of the 112th chapter of the Holy Quran.

Here are some of Washington’s pearls of wisdom, as posted on his Facebook Wall. The latest entry is dated Sept. 20:

If u don’t spot the vic(tim) in the first 30 seconds that means ur IT. If u don’t hear the shots when the shells yell Sun that means ur HIT!

And from Aug. 22:

I’m still washin’ my s— out in the SINK. ‘Cause even when I’m free I’m in the CLINK. Being free is what you THINK… I’m a G I need a DRINK!

A woman named Latifah Ruff follows up with the comment: “U r crazy in the am that jail talk is not good 4 da soul”

Almost all of Washington’s posts read like rap verse. On another post, Ruff comments: “Rap on Mr.Boston.”