Tuesday Morning: Hill Lobbyist Back Under Scrutiny

Published June 21, 2011

Days after being convicted on conspiracy and fraud charges in the DiMasi corruption trial, the state’s inspector general says Beacon Hill lobbyist Richard McDonough obtained a “sham” public position that gave him health benefits and a generous pension. In a letter (PDF) first published by the Boston Globe, Inspector General Gregory Sullivan asks the state Board of Retirement to review McDonough’s pension he received for the alleged “no-show” position at the Merrimack Education Collaborative. Through his lawyer, McDonough denied that he did anything wrong.

Documents released in a Sept. 11 wrongful death lawsuit reveal potential failings associated with Logan Airport security screeners. Detailed by the Herald, the suit alleges that security personnel were unaware of al-Qaida’s threat, didn’t know how to identify Mace and struggled speaking English.

Would you believe that targeted ads during “The View” are part of the FBI’s new strategy to hunt down fugitive crime boss “Whitey” Bulger? Well, they are. The agency’s commercials turn the focus to tracking down Bulger’s longtime girlfriend.

New figures show the number of people using food stamps in Massachusetts has nearly doubled, compared to four years ago. A state commissioner says part of the rise is due to outreach efforts. In other economic news, the state’s under-8 percent unemployment rate means that some residents will lose jobless benefits.

Also, shhhhhh. Rolling along during the Bruins’ Stanley Cup run, the Red Sox poured in runs again last night, improving to 14-3 this month.