Monday Morning: Bulger’s Crimes Continue To Reverberate

Published June 27, 2011

As Boston continues to process “Whitey” Bulger’s arrest, the families of his alleged victims are looking for closure. Shawn Donahue, whose father Michael was allegedly gunned down by Bulger or one of his associates almost 30 years ago, hopes that he’ll finally be able to confront Bulger about his father’s death.

Now that he’s in custody, Bulger may name names in a final effort toward settling old scores. He’s an old-school mobster, the Herald said, who offered his longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig a glamorous life on the lam. Of course, pop culture loves a seamy Boston mob boss.

The Bulger case is a throwback to the old days when warring Irish and Italian mafia gangs fought over Boston’s turf. While the Boston mob may still exist, it’s only a shell of it’s former self.

In non-Bulger news, the MFA agreed to pay restitution to the heir of a Jewish art dealer killed at Auschwitz. The museum believes that a 17th-century Dutch painting in its stores may have been acquired from Walter Westfeld under questionable circumstances.

Hundreds of cameras are set to start recording on MBTA buses in the coming months. Rich Davey, the MBTA’s general manager, said that it should help make the T system safer.

Social programs in Massachusetts may get a boost in funding. Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration is considering several plans for “social impact bonds” that would allow investors to fund social programs and realize profits based on their successes.

What we’re following: We’ll continue to report on the reverberations in the Bulger case, the state’s mosquito testing program and the progress on the state budget.