Shhh…Commuter Rail ‘Quiet Cars’ Go System-Wide

Published June 28, 2011



If you’re looking for that little moment of peace and quiet in your hectic day, just head over to…the T?

The MBTA opened “quiet cars” on all 13 commuter rail lines this morning. During rush hours on the car closest to the locomotive, passengers will be asked to keep conversations to a minimum or at library volume, according to Richard Davey, MBTA general manager.

The MBTA unveiled the “quiet car” during a pilot program that ran from January to April of this year. Now, it is expanding the program due to popular demand.

“We did a poll of customers on both the Fitchburg and Franklin lines, which is where we did our pilot program earlier this year,” Davey said. “Eighty-five, almost 90 percent came back and said it was a great program and we should seek to roll it out system-wide.”

Like a library, you won’t be able to use your cellphone on the “quiet cars.” No word yet, though, on whether there will be designated shushers or that one guy who insists on eating crunchy potato chips.

If the idea of a quiet car on the T doesn’t freak you out enough, you’ll also have to watch out for mimes.

“MBCR, our commuter rail contractor, came up with that clever marketing idea and they’ll have a couple of mimes out tonight just to let folks know that this, in fact, is being launched throughout the system,” Davey said.

What do you think, is this a great idea? How is it going? Get on the “quiet car” and tweet us your thoughts @WBUR…if you dare.