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Featured Program The Bosnian War was the bloodiest conflict in Europe in the last half of the 20th Century. A quarter of a million people were killed. Two million people were driven from their homes. For three years, the war went on in a country encircled by the borders of NATO and the European Union. Five years ago on November 21, 1995, the war was brought to an end, not in Europe, but on an American airbase near Dayton, Ohio. The Dayton Peace Accord ended the slaughter, but how well has the agreement worked on the ground? And what would happen to the Dayton process if the U.S. withdraws from Bosnia? Listen to WBUR's entire documentary "Bosnia Peace: Inside/Out" in Windows | Real.
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Part One Michael Goldfarb goes on patrol with American soldiers, the Black Knights, as they try to win hearts and minds in what was the heart of hardline Serbian nationalist sentiment. And he talks with U.S. Ambassador Thomas Miller, who's trying to push the pace of implementing the peace agreement hammered out in Dayton five years ago. Listen in Windows | Real.
Part Two In the five years since Dayton, around 321,000 refugees have gone back to their pre-war homes – or what’s left of them. But in hardline nationalist areas, like the one Goldfarb visits, returns have been a mere trickle. Bosnian politicians and the High Representative of the international community blame each other for lack of progress. Listen in Windows | Real.
Part Three There is one place where all the communities of Bosnia come together, the Arizona Market near Brcko, the strategic region that no side won during the war and whose final disposition was put aside at Dayton. The Arizona market is a fantasy-land of unbridled capitalism. And in Stolac, we visit a school where Croat and Muslim children say they're happy with separate classes. Richard Holbrooke, the chief U.S. negotiator of the Dayton Peace Agreement, reflects on lessons learned in Bosnia.
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