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  How does U.S. military spending stack up against the rest of the world? Click for the large version of the Army's wired soldier, the "Land Warrior System." Huntsville, Alabama, central to the debate on a National Missile Defense Shield

The New Vision of the U.S. Military
- Anthony Brooks

As the United States military prepares to face new threats, a debate is taking place within top policy circles. The fundamental makeup of the military is being reexamined, from doctrine, to equipment to how much money to invest, and in what. The outcome of this debate will shape how the armed forces look in the next century, what types of battles they will fight, and how they will fight them. Its implications could change the basic understanding of how to wage war, what the future battlefield will look like, and what it means to serve in the American military.

It's about Reshaping the Military and Fighting the Next War…



I: The Revolution
II: Missile Defense
III: Training for Change

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