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To the founding fathers of the United States, the term empire was not a term of disapproval. Alexander Hamilton said that the United States was Hercules in a cradle. In fact in the very first paragraph of the Federalist Papers, Hamilton writes of America being already among the most interesting empires of history. Likewise, Thomas Jefferson, soon to be Hamilton's bitter political; opponent, described the United States as an "empire of liberty." None of them, regardless of their views about the strength of the American government had any question that the United States would be a great and large power. The term they used for that was "empire." - Pax Americana, Inside/Out

The failure to complete the victory in Afghanistan is partly due to the administration's reluctance to send in sufficient numbers of U.S. troops and keep them there. Any campaign in Iraq will pose similar challenges. Put Your Money Where Your War Is, The Weekly Standard. …as the response to the attack on the USS Cole demonstrates, America's understanding of its new, quasi-imperial role in the world has failed to keep pace with events. America at War, The Weekly Standard

Biography of Tom Donnelly, Project for the New American Century

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