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People have accused me of being the first American writer to refer to "our empire." We've always, always been in the Empire business, whether it was taking the land away from the Indians, picking a war with Mexico in 1846. Ulysses Grant was a young lieutenant in that war, and he used to say "I have always felt that the civil war was the judgment of God on the United States for what it had done in Mexico. Which was to treat a weaker power as if we were some insolent European empire, exerting our will over another people to seize their land. We've been at this a long time.

Vidal's Recent Letters and Commentary from the New York Review of Books

...the empire has wrecked our society -- $5 trillion of debt, no proper public education, no health care -- and done the rest of the world incomparable harm. Interview, Salon.com A republic can only be a small place, a city-state, maybe 2, 3 million people at most. Enlarge it and centralize it, and any chance of a proper republic was finished. Thomas Jefferson, PBS, Ken Burns Documentary
The End of History
Apparently, it is perfectly natural for a freedom-loving democracy , addicted to elections, to have bases and spies and now F.B.I. terrorist fighters and drug hounds in every country on earth.
Once alienated, an "inalienable right" is apt to be lost forever, in which case we are no longer even remotely the last best hope of Earth but merely a seedy imperial state whose citizens are kept in line by Swat teams and whose way of death, not life, is universally imitated. Taking Liberties, The Guardian
...under our system any president is a stooge of the great financial forces that own or govern the country. Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, The Guardian

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