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Unfriendly Skies takes a thorough look at whether the right steps are being taken to insure the safety of air passengers. Starting at Logan Airport in Boston, where two of the hijacked planes took off on September 11, the documentary looks at how air travel has changed, on the ground, in the air, and in the administration of organizations charged with keeping it safe and effective. For most travelers, the skies now are neither friendly, nor dramatically more secure. Listeners will hear the stories of those who are responsible for, and those who experience, the new security measures.

Anthony Brooks looks at the hurdles and headaches flyers face, from the screening to the hi-tech equipment.

Fred Thys reports on those responsible for keeping American airports and skies safe, both the people and organizations, and hears what critics are saying about them.

Michael Goldfarb examines the view from the air, focusing on the training of air marshals and on the flight staff who say they are the first line of defense.