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Dan has been a print journalist and radio producer for 19 years. He is currently co-writing a book for Rutgers University Press that will help scientists interact more effectively with the media. This is the third website he has produced for WBUR.

Dan has produced radio stories and documentaries on science and the environment for National Public Radio’s show on the environment Living on Earth; National Public Radio’s news magazine Weekend Edition; Public Radio International’s international affairs show, The World; the Australian Broadcasting Corporation; Germany’s Deutsche Welle radio; the BBC; the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; the documentary show Soundprint and Radio Netherlands.

Dan has written for the New York Times, The Boston Globe, Discover, Audubon and Scientific American.

Dan’s awards include a 2002 George Foster Peabody Award (for the DNA Files public radio documentary series, of which he produced one hour-long show), the highest honor in broadcast; the 2003 Science Journalism award of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the leading science journalism award, the 2004 Media Award of the American Institute of Biological Sciences and first prize in the category of in-depth radio reporting in the Society of Environmental Journalist’s Annual Awards for Reporting on the Environment competition.

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