Food Therapy From Eating Jewish

Photo: jlodder/Flickr

Even though I celebrate Easter, not Passover, I made a classic, spontaneous purchase at the grocery store last night and grabbed a box of matzah from the display shelf at Trader Joes. Not only do I want my kids to try matzah, I really want all of us to try matzah brei.

Maybe a simple rendition of matzah brei is the best intro to this most traditional of Passover foods. But I am taken with the Coconut Matzah Brei created by Katherine Romanow, who writes the Eating Jewish column for the Jewish Women’s Archive blog “Jewesses with Attitude.” Katherine uses macaroons as the launching point for her post, gives a bit of historical context (love this), then shares the recipe, which calls for vanilla and almond extract as a complement to the coconut flavor.

What’s your favorite version of traditional matzah brei?


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