Download WBUR's iPhone App Now

Published July 7, 2010

WBUR’s new iPhone app is live now in the App Store. It’s free. Go get it! (I’ll wait.)

Simulation of WBUR app on an iPhone

The details are well-covered here and here and here, and Hubbub hosted a live chat to answer your questions about the app. Here are the Greatest Hits:

  • Stream us live
  • Read and share the latest NPR and WBUR news
  • Listen to 20+ programs on demand
  • Wake up to the WBUR alarm clock
  • Submit breaking news tips
  • View your member benefits on a map
  • Generate a virtual membership card to instantly redeem benefits
  • Search

Hope you love it. Please report bugs and request features in the comments. Be specific, and be constructive! Anything else will be ruthlessly deleted. We’re already working on iOS 4 support for the next update.