Now You Can Track More MBTA Buses In Real Time

Published July 26, 2010

Couple waiting at a bus stop on Brookline Avenue, Boston

Where's my bus? (photoholic1/Flickr)

The data nerd in me likes this news — the T rider in me loves it. NextBus, which provides real-time transit data to the MBTA,  just dumped a boatload of new bus routes (including the Silver Line) into its database. It appears almost complete.

If you’re in Brighton, waiting… and waiting… for the 64 to take you to Central, you can find the exact location of your ride on a Google Map and even get a prediction of its arrival time.

The data is open, which means developers can hack up cool applications. One real-life example is the LED sign at JP Licks that shows when the next 39 bus is expected.

I’m still waiting on real-time data for trains, to see if the Green Line is delayed-delayed or just regular-delayed.

What apps or websites do you use to track the T? Share in the comments.