Map: Report Boston’s Worst Potholes

Published February 7, 2011

[googlemap title=”Greater Boston Pothole Reports” height=”500″],-71.099396&spn=0.216126,0.372849&z=12[/googlemap]

Map updated 2/9/11

Boston’s 2011 Pothole Season came early this year. Neither drivers nor bicyclists nor bus riders are spared. Oftentimes you can’t see the craters until it’s too late. Ka-THUNK.

Here’s where you can help: Report the worst potholes in and around Boston, and we’ll map the data. (You might have seen our map of unshoveled sidewalks.)

Here are three ways to file a pothole report:

We’re also including data from the Mayor’s Hotline in Boston. You can call (617) 635-4500, fill out this form or download the Citizens Connect mobile app (iTunes, Android Market). This only works for the city of Boston. (Our form also covers surrounding cities and towns.)