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Tuesday Morning: Teddy’s 79th, Quincy’s Innovation

Published February 22, 2011

Good morning! The late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy would have turned 79 today. A Boston man who idolized the Kennedy brothers would grow up to be on Kennedy’s staff — impersonating Teddy’s Portuguese water dog, Splash, in letters to constituents. His piece in the New York Times is a touching remembrance.

Peter Meade, the man Kennedy hand-picked to manage his legacy, will resign. Meade told the Globe he got the  late senator’s institute off the ground, but he doesn’t have the right skills for the job going forward.

The MBTA has taken steps to prevent its website from crashing when we need it the most. The site was unusable during this winter’s worst snowstorms, as thousands of people checked the status of delayed or disabled trains and buses.

Here’s a headline you don’t see every day: What Quincy Can Teach New York City. A New York Times editorial praises Quincy’s innovative pay-per-inch snow removal program, which has doubled in size since its inception. Quincy estimates savings of 5 to 10 percent compared to pay-per-hour services.

A teenager survived after being stabbed at the Park Street/Red Line platform Monday evening, prompting a police manhunt. About 24 hours earlier, on Sunday, a man apparently committing suicide was struck by a Red Line train.