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Lionel Ritchie Out, Martina McBride In For July 4 Pops Concert

Published July 1, 2011

The Boston Pops may perform all night long, but they probably won’t be playing “All Night Long,” after the announcement that Lionel Ritchie has pulled out of his scheduled July 4 performance with the orchestra.

Ritchie has been placed on vocal rest and had to cancel his appearance.

Have no fear, Pops fans, the iconic Fourth of July concert won’t be without fireworks. Country-singer Martina McBride jumped in to replace Ritchie and Boston-native Michael Chiklis (aka that scary guy from “The Shield”) is still scheduled to perform. Also, there will literally be fireworks.

McBride’s most famous song seems to be, fittingly, “Independence Day,” above.

Friday Morning: Bulger Set For Arraignment

Published July 1, 2011

With his defense now set, accused Boston mobster James “Whitey” Bulger will be formally arraigned in federal court in Boston next week.

In one hearing yesterday, a judge ruled that Bulger is eligible for a public defender (despite the $800,000 and change authorities recovered from his California hideout.) He will be represented by veteran defense lawyer J.W. Carney. In a separate hearing, a judge granted prosecutors’ request to drop one indictment against the reputed mobster in order to focus on murder charges.

Before a woman’s body was pulled from a Fall River pool, city health inspectors found the water “cloudy” but found it safe for public use. The pool’s permit had expired Dec. 31, according to William Flanagan, Fall River’s mayor. It’s still unclear how long the woman’s body was in the pool without lifeguards, health inspectors or the public noticing.

The chancellor of UMass Amherst will step down in one year. Robert Holub’s leadership has been under fire by a university committee.

Hopefully you’re getting excited for a three-day holiday weekend. At least one person hasn’t had the 4th off for the last 25 years, Boston Pops Conductor Keith Lockhart. In big July 4th news: Lionel Ritchie has backed out of playing Monday’s concert with the Pops and has been replaced by country singer Martina McBride.

Just what the Sox doctor ordered: Jon Lester. This time it was the Red Sox’ turn to watch their ace stifle a potential World Series contender, as Lester held the Phillies to just two hits in his seven innings and the Sox won 5-2.

What we’re following: We’ll continue to report on progress in the state budget negotiations, the Season of Peace meant to reduce gang violence and possible changes in fishing regulations.