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Few Boston residents know that the water filling their downtown sinks comes from a huge reservoir some 65 miles west of Boston, the Quabbin. Even fewer know the story of how four towns in an idyllic valley setting were utterly destroyed, leveled, and burnt to the ground in the late 30s to build the Quabbin, the biggest drinking water reservoir of the era.

"Haunting the Quabbin: Inside Out" explores what had to be done to get water supplies to Boston to quench its thirst in the late 30s. The building of the Quabbin Reservoir displaced twenty-five hundred people.

In this documentary, Inside Out's Sean Cole meets the valley residents who were forced to move out. They still have vivid memories of their lives in the towns that were destroyed.

Cole chronicles the dramatic manner in which the Swift River Valley was flooded and the effect on its residents. What happened is still part of who they are and how they live.

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