The State of the Union

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Bill Clinton’s last and longest State of the Union speech seemed to go on forever, which was the spirit of the evening that he must have wanted.

Keep the cheering alive; keep this boom economy expanding; lengthen the list of little tax cuts and targeted Federal initiatives for Congress to consider this spring.

And if the Clinton years must end, extend Bill’s bridge into the 21st Century with a blueprint for Al Gore, and Senator Hillary, too, encompassing universal pre-school, quality healthcare for everybody, an end of child poverty.

He got 100 ovations in nearly an hour and a half; scorekeepers lost count of his particular proposals. But who cares, really, when the Boomer president is riding the boomingest economy in the history of the planet, the country is at peace and all of the social statistics on crime, welfare, adoptions, jobs are going his way.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Robert Reich and Alan Simpson