The South Carolina Primary

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South Carolina marks the angry line between just a fight in the Republican Party and a nasty split down to the roots.

So the question is going to be whether George Bush’s big Dixiecrat win over John McCain – driven by Bob Jones fundamentalism and phone-bank whispers – is actually going to weaken the Republican drive back toward the White House.

Tomorrow, Michigan is the last of the open primaries for a while: does John McCain hang himself with his own GOP by asking Democrats and Independents to rebuild his Republican insurgency?

McCain didn’t go to his room and sulk after South Carolina – the way Bush did after New Hampshire. He spat back Bush’s reform mantra, right at him.

“If he’s a reformer, I’m an astronaut,” McCain said. They’re dissing each other now as fakes and frauds, party hacks facing party wreckers.

The Republican contest is looking especially good for Democrats.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, about the GOP race