Inexhaustible Clinton Scandals

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It’s supposed to be a time for role-changing – when President Clinton steps offstage to remake himself into the young elder-statesman – America’s newest honored icon… but it seems he just can’t shake the spotlight.

Here – a full month past the inauguration of George W. – Bill continues to accumulate scandal and dominate headlines… From expensive executive offices to rickety furniture acquisitions and problematic pardons – the ex-president and his Senator wife are suffering the slings and arrows of public outrage and family misfortune.

And it’s not just the Clintons who are suffering – fellow Democrats are chafing in the hot sun of negative attention.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


John Harris, reporter for the Washington Post

Francine Keefer, reporter for the Christian Science Moniter

Robert Dalleck, professor of History at Boston University.