Trust Us, We're Experts

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In the contentious debate over button pushing issues like industrial pollution, bio-engineered foodstuffs and health care the expert is always a welcome sight on the battlefield of public opinion.

Whether it be a professor or a pediatrician, a watch dog group or a think tank we are always ready and willing to put the public trust in the hands of the so called experts who speak the language of scientific authority and unbiased neutrality. But if you look past the lab coats you’ll discover that more often than not the credentials are bogus and the bias is bought and paid for.

Its all part of an industry that prides itself on its expertise in manipulating science, managing public outrage and engineering public policy. Its an industry that subverts the principles of democracy. We’re following the trails of blood money and slime through the bowels of the public relations industry.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Sheldon Rampton, co-author of “Trust Us We’re Experts” and editor of PR Watch: Public Interest Reporting on the PR/Public Affairs Industry

Peter Sandman, PR Consultant.