What now, progressives?

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Bill Bradley, in basketball lingo, is suffering through garbage time, the closing minutes of a losing game against Vice President Gore.

It’s not really over, but come on….it’s over.

“What was he doing for the past week in the state of Washington?” That may be the lingering question among Democratic progressives about their wistful bet on the un-Clinton alternative-on the erudite and idealistic former Senator from New Jersey who proved a lot less charismatic in the primary season than he’d been in a Knickerbockers’ uniform.

A lingering image of Bradley may be the AP “brother-can-you-spare-a-dime” shot of the candidate with his collar up, a cardboard coffee cup in his hand, lost on a commuter ferry to Seattle among the working stiffs who ended up voting better than two-to-one against him on Tuesday.

Was it Al Gore that beat him? Or the McCain campaign that stole the reform ball for the other Republican league? What’s a liberal to do?
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)