Pollsters Peter Hart and Bob Teeter

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What the presidential primaries produced, after all, was two legacy candidates for November, dynastic sons, heirs apparent-as if American politics really were about bloodlines, not blood sport at all.

Contentment is what the primaries registered about the country, turning aside the reflective Bill Bradley and breaking off that heady flirtation with John McCain and his reform agenda. So different, for example, from Taiwan this past weekend: where a young democracy let the people in and they boldly knocked the old party out.

In American politics, party primaries are invitations to upsets, but the voters this season played it safe at the center. Notice not just that the insurgencies stopped surging; the third-party protest possibilities-the Jesse Ventura option-seem to be withering, as well.

Is this the choice we wanted? Is this the campaign we’re stuck with?
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Peter Hart and Bob Teeter