Open and "Clothed"

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Oscar Wilde’s aphorism, it’s only the shallow people who don’t judge by appearances, suits the sentiments of the clothes-obsessed.

But looking good isn’t about following fashion. Looking good’s about fashioning ourselves.

Forget that gray was the ‘new black’ last year, brown is the ‘new black’ this year, and (the rumor is) black will be the ‘new black’ next year. Pick your own palette, find your own fabric, invent your own image.

Andrea Siegel is so passionate about clothes, she stops people on the street to have conversations with them about what their sense of style and their sense of self. She knows their secret of looking comfortable and fabulous.

Look inward, she says, to look outward. Understand your feelings about sex, family, death, and you’ll achieve bliss in your wardrobe, too. Know thyself, then adorn thyself in this hour of The Connection.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Andrea Siegel author of “Open and Clothed: For the Passionate Clothes Lover.”