The Value of The Connection

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We’re putting a price tag this hour on something of value. But what is value? When there’s a buyer and a seller, the price is right. When there’s a good deal, a bargain, or a steal; that’s value added.

So what’s the value of The Connection? Two hours of conversation, good old fashioned straight talk about anything and everything. It’s free to 90 percent of you listeners – if you believe the consultants’ research.

But what’s it really worth? What would you feel you had to pony up for an interactive forum on the latest news, books, movies, technology, high and low concepts about life, love and learning? Would you pay a buck, 50, a hundred bucks maybe?

Is it worth more or less than a movie for two and a babysitter? Than an hour of therapy, or a week on prozac? As much as a day at the beach or a month in the country? Is it worth as much as a good massage, or a tip on the stockmarket?

It’s completely up to you. The money artist J.S.G. Boggs drew the “50” dollar bill you see on this page with his own hand. The value of any Boggs bill is in the transaction itself – it’s worth whatever you say it’s worth. And so Boggs drew a special Bill for The Connection, for the express purpose of helping us explore the value of our program.

To find out more about J.S.G. Boggs you can listen to our program with him from last May.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


J.S.G. Boggs