William Duiker

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25 years after the US defeat in Vietnam, a fresh portrait of the architect of victory, Ho Chi Minh: ascetic and revolutionary, half-Lenin and half-Gandhi. Biographer William Duiker says Ho was a patriot with a monomania about national independence.

William Duiker is a Liberal Arts Professor Emeritus of East Asian Studies at Pennsylvania State University. He is author of the forthcoming book, “Ho Chi Minh.”

His earlier works include:
1) The Communist Road to Power in Vietnam, Westview Press
2) Sacred War: Nationalism and Revolution in a Divided Vietnam
3) US Containment Policy and the Conflict in Indo China

C. David Thomas, is a practising artist whose exhibition of Ho Chi Minh Portraits is being exhibited around the country. The exhibit will be at the Danforth Museum in September. Mr. Thomas is co-author of the diary novel “An Artist’s Portrait of Ho Chi Minh.” He is also Director of the Indo-China Arts Partnership and Professor of Studio Art at Emmanuel College in Massachusetts.

His artwork can be seen on Asianartnow.com.
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Biographer William Duiker