Rethinking the Fifth Discipline

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Peter Senge is a rock star among management consultants; he’s the original change agent.

Ten years ago his mega selling book “The Fifth Discipline” became a bible for business and launched a worldwide movement promoting humane workplaces, companies built around learning and the language of change.

Does your organization have a learning disability Peter Senge was famous for asking. Senge has modified his corporate crusade for the new century and for those crusaders who don’t like change as much as Senge does. His newest manifesto “The Dance of Change” is a distillation of what he’s learned about learning.

He’s thinking of himself as a garderner to big corporations nowadays. Companies aren’t machines, separate from nature he says, they’re living organisms connected to nature. The original Agent of Change – Peter Senge – in this hour.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Peter Senge