Eric Rosenblith on Teaching the Violin

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After hearing young violinist Yehudi Menuhin’s Berlin debut, Albert Einstein exclaimed, “there is a God in Heaven!” What he heard was transcendent, more that the action of a bow across strings producing a quality sound.

A good performer knows more than the score a strong player relates physically and emotionally to the demands of his instrument. Violin lessons can go beyond music theory if they begin with a teacher who inspires confidence, sensitivity and precision.

One such teacher is Eric Rosenblith who’s been guiding conservatory players through double stops and false harmonics for fifty years. “I breathe, therefore I teach,” he says.

In his studio that means every student is an individual, there’s no room for rote learning, and technical wizardry must be tempered by self-expression. There’s more than a four-octave scale at play here.

Life Lessons from the violin, in this show.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Eric Rosenblith