Karl Marx

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His name and work will endure through the ages,” is what Karl Marx’s eulogist said to the 10 mourners at Marx’s funeral, in the spring of 1883.

Less than a century later, professed Marxists ruled half the world, and for generations the ideological battles were fought with images of Marx as historical savior, or Marx as materialist anti-Christ.

Karl Marx the man was all paradox and passion: someone who struggled to overthrow the bourgeoisie while throwing extravagant debutante balls for his daughters; a fiery agitator who spent most of his time in quiet study; an earnest philosopher who loved beer, cigars, and good jokes.

Ten years after the defeat of communism, the startling news is that the dismantled bricks and stones of the Berlin wall may have helped uncover the real Marx. Wall Streeters and Economists are finding in Marx the sharpest student of capitalism.

Marx in the age of Globalization — in this hour.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Francis Wheen, author of “Karl Marx: A Life.”