Martin Amis' "Experience".

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Martin Amis is known as “the best American writer England has ever produced. The enfant terrible of the Brit lit scene, Martin Amis had a midlife crisis five years ago when he left his wife for another woman and his long time British agent (and wife of his best friend, Julian Barnes) for an American agent who secured him an unheard of advance of $800,000.

When he spent $30,000 of the advance on dental surgery and reconstruction, he got skewered in the press for his vanity, his disloyalty, his arrogance.

Now the most unabashedly competitive of writers has stepped forward to reclaim his life from the hands of his tormentors. “Experience” is the result — his first memoir and an attempt to set the record straight, “to speak, for once,” Amis says, “without artifice.” Martin Amis’ “Experience” is a reflection on his father, his teeth, loss, divorce, friendship, love and death.
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Martin Amis