Cosi Fan Tutte, Connecticut Style

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The new Boston adaptation of Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte could be called Mozart meets Sex in the City, or opera for the twenty-something set. Cosi fan Tutte — the title means “all women are like that” — was written as the story of two young Italian military officers who disguise themselves and woo each other’s fiancee’s to test the fidelity of their women.

In the Boston version, Despina the maidservant is Despina the Brooklyn barmaid, an 18th century Neopolitan setting is now a swanky Connecticut tennis club, and corsets and pantaloons are replaced with the latest in Tommy Hilfiger and Gap wear.

Don’t blame the Boston producers for grating on the nerves of traditionalists. Ten years ago director Peter Sellars set Cosi Fan Tutte in a modern seaside diner with Albanian hippies, and there’s a long tradition before that of adapting classic operas.

(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Craig Smith, conductor of the new adaptation

Drew Minter, the show’s producer.