Cricket Hits America

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The venerable English game of Cricket is a perfect pastime for anywhere but rush-rush America — or so you might think. It takes five days to play a game and frequently after five days the game ends in a draw — and we all know that a contest with no winners is positively un-American.

Yet Cricket is one of the fastest growing club sports in America, partially due to the immigration of computer experts from India and Pakistan, partially due to mentors wanting to teach teens old-fashioned sportsmanship. From Silicon Valley to sunny Florida teams are flourishing. Even in Compton, California — yes, home of crips, bloods and gangsta rappers — the satisfying sound of willow on leather, the polite hand clap and murmur of “well done, chaps” can be heard.

Isn’t it time you knew more about the game which is baseball’s granddaddy? From silly point to backward square leg, it’s worth a shout. Everything you wanted to know about Cricket is next on the Connection.
(Hosted by Michael Goldfarb)


Deb Das, U.S. Coordinator for, the oldest and largest internet site for cricket

Mark Berwick, American cricketeer who started a junior cricket league

Ted Hayes, homeless L.A. resident who started a cricket league five years ago for homeless people and inner-city youth.