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Rave Culture. It is a culture of community — thousands of people dancing all night not with one person but by themselves and with everyone in the room. It is a culture of drugs — primarily the drug with the most accurate street name ever given to an illegal pharmaceutical — ecstacy.

It is also a global culture whose gestation began in Germany, who was born in Detroit and schooled in gay clubs in Chicago and New York before maturing in Britain and spreading to the four corners of the world. And it is a culture of music with many different styles: House, techno, trance, jungle, drum and bass, Asian breaks.

Rave culture today dominates the world of fashion. Wonder why the kids are wearing cargo pants and tank tops and sporting body art? It is the inspiration for a new generation of novelists. Ravers have redefined the boundaries of hedonism in a time of economic plenty. The drugs, the fashions and most of all the music: the history of raves is on this show.
(Hosted by Michael Goldfarb)


Simon Reynolds, author of Generation Ecstasy

DJ Shannon Shalako.