Memoir Motifs

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Katharine Hepburn might do it by the Oscar nominations she’s earned, Hillary Clinton by the haircuts she’s had and Julia Child by the meals she cooked. Liz Taylor, of course, can organize her life around her husbands, Warren Beatty around his girlfriends and Donald Trump around his buildings.

In the stories of our lives, what is the string that ties our memories together? Is it hairstyles? The long, straight hair reminds you of your first kiss, the shag haircut of your first marriage, the perm of your second?

Or is it cars? The Ford Pinto conjures up college, road trips, your first apartment; the Volvo station wagon your marriage, the mortgage, the twins; the Miata convertible your mid-life crisis.

Whether it’s the houses we’ve lived in, the clothes we’ve worn out, the pets we’ve loved or the places we’ve lived – we’re talking about the something the connects the events of our lives on this show.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Betty Fussell, author of “My Kitchen Wars,” and Ilene Beckerman, author of “Love, Loss, and What I Wore.”