A Charter School That Works

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Education night at the Republican convention in Philadelphia this summer featured a group of Texas students in matching t-shirts sitting in neatly arranged desks. They were from a Houston charter school that meets George Bush’s tests of diversity and toughness. But the KIPP Academy – KIPP for the Knowledge is Power Program – meets Al Gore and the democrats’ education ideal as well.

KIPP delivers a longer school day, extended summer sessions, teachers on call with cell phones 24/7; it enforces parent involvement. And the palpable interest in KIPP puts the charter school record front and center in this year’s political campaign. They’re public schools run privately each in its own style. The KIPP emphasis is on discipline and turning underperforming inner city kids into measurably successful high school students. And it seems to be working.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Michael Feinberg, Co-Founder & CEO of the KIPP Foundation

and Sam Lopez, Principal of KIPP, Houston.