Pat Buchanan and the Reform Party

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Pat Buchanan is back from surgery, with a Federal check for his Reform Party campaign in the mail. But where is the pitchfork peasantry when a right-wing-rage candidate wants at least to simulate an uprising. Buchanan is a one-percent candidate at this point, frozen out of the big-boy debates; he’s the personification of everything the Republican convention was happy to be rid of this summer-all that culture-war rancor about immigrants and gay values and the “abortion racket” as he calls it. It sounds like a desperate pickle he’s in.

But then Buchanan might say, as Andrew Jackson did: “One man with courage makes a majority.” And one man with ideas could make the next 8 weeks interesting: all the more, with unconventional “America First” ideas in dissent against free trade, against Balkan peacekeeping, against the Kyoto treaty on the environment. We’re talking about Pat Buchanan and his running-mate Ezola Foster, this hour on The Connection.
(Hosted By Christopher Lydon)


Pat Buchanan and Ezola Foster, Reform Party Presidential Candidate and Running Mate.