The Archer Daniels Midland Conspiracy

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The Archer Daniels Midland corporation calls itself America’s Supermarket to the World, but did you know that the giant food producer was bagged a few years ago in the worst shoplifting case in history? From a high-level ADM mole who wore an FBI wire for two and a half years, we know now that company was involved in a massive price fixing scam with its Japanese competitors that netted the company millions of dollars in unjust profits.

The FBI tapes are damning: top executives brazenly discussed screwing their customers; plotted to skirt U.S. trade laws; and also peppered their conversations with lewd and bigoted references to colleagues and employees. The New York Times investigative reporter Kurt Eichenwald tells the ADM story as a whodunnit, a page-turner that reveals how the FBI mole himself ended up doing more time than the corrupt corporate leaders he helped nab.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Kurt Eichenwald, Author of “The Informant”