Cybercitizenry: Politics and the Internet

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Voters in Arizona last March took part in a first experiment in cyber democracy. Registered democrats could vote online in the Bradley-Gore primary, and did–in bigger numbers than had taken ballots in 1996. There are problems with democracy, though. We don’t think of American political life as an operating system, to be upgraded for speed and convenience, or demographic fairness, to be booby-trapped against the risks of electronic fraud and mob rule.

And still, the technophiles are tempting us with a promise to relaunch a direct American democracy online and already there are thousands of web sites out there bidding to reconnect American citizens with their government. Beyond the candidates web pages, you can follow their money online, research their issues, lobby Congress, raise money, push your own issues, organize your own campaign. A guide to Cybercitizenship, this hour on the Connection.
(Hosted by Chistopher Lydon)


Christopher Kush, Author of “Cybercitizen”