3rd Presidential Debate Follow-up

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This is the way a campaign ends: with the post-game spin about the body language of the last debate, with a barrage of television commercials, with a last sprint by the candidates into the swing states with an alternative focus on the Subway Series for the baseball title in New York. Bill Bradley reminds you how the campaign started: with spirited challengers to both party establishments, with a lot of reform talk, with the campaign bus and retail politicking in New Hampshire and Iowa living rooms.

After the end of his one time presidential campaign, Bill Bradley said it ended so abruptly it felt more like losing the NBA playoffs on a final shot. He’s touring the country all alone now with a new book he calls “The Journey From Here.” It’s part memoir, part play book, part post-game analysis, part an invitation to what might have been. Bill Bradley’s scorecard on Campaign 2000 is this hour on the Connection.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Former Presidential Candidate and Democratic Senator Bill Bradley and former Republican Senator Alan Simpson.