One in Nine

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One in nine is the startling statistic of the number of women who develop breast cancer. It’s also the name of the hot pink rowing shell you’ll see this weekend on the Charles River in Boston’s famous, annual “Head of the Charles” rowing regatta. The eight rowers and coxswain are all breast cancer survivors. They’re from all over the country, around 50 years old, and they’ll all tell you that rowing saved their lives.

When their doctors told them never expect to lift more than 10 pounds again and that their arm muscles would always be weak, these women went back to their boats, learned to ask for help from their teammates, and got stronger. Nine of them have joined together to compete against 21 other boats in the Master’s Women’s 8 Division this weekend. They’re out to demonstrate solidarity and a shared sort of recovery. They also want to win. Rowing and breast cancer, this hour on The Connection.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Holly Metcalfe, One in 9 coach

and scullers Diane Cotting and Michelle Marks