Feminist Mary Daly

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Mary Daly’s transformation-from aspiring Catholic theologian to pagan Crone, as she thinks of herself now-began at Pope John 23rd’s Second Vatican Council. Some saw a church modernizing itself; what she saw was an ancient and spectacular contrast between colorfully gowned peacock princes of the church, the hierarchs of patriarchy, and a few humble women helping out, mostly veiled nuns walking in file like unwelcome ants at an all-boy picnic.

The scene ignited Mary Daly’s first manifesto, titled The Church and the Second Sex, and launched a career in radical feminism, including some famous fights with her Jesuit bosses to keep males out of her college classes, and wider warfare in new words like “gyn-ecology” and “gynophilia” to fight “gynocide,” by the patriarchy, of course. Outraged and outrageous, she’s still saying: wake up women, your lives and the planet are at stake. Dauntless Mary Daly is this hour on The Connection.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Mary Daly, former Boston College professor of theology and philosophy, author of “Gyn/Ecology,” and “The Wickedary.”