The Punchline to Campaign 2000

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Can we laugh yet about the Florida fiasco? Campaign 2000 was already a bonanza for late-night comedy, and now they’ve hit the jackpot. Did you hear that Al Gore is volunteering to hand count all the ballots in the country? And those elderly Floridians voted for Buchanan on purpose. They thought it was James Buchanan. And just how is it that they poked the wrong hole in the ballot yet can still play 9 bingo games simultaneously? On the streets of Miami, prostitutes are offering $20 hand counts, and George W. Bush said if the Democrats don’t stop suing, he’d start executing a prisoner every hour.

The law of diminishing returns has set in and we’re all experiencing Electoral Dysfunction. Perhaps the lesson is that America can live without a president. Election 2000 was a joke, on us perhaps, with a serious question…who got all those chads pregnant in the first place? The punchline to campaign 2000 is this hour on the Connection.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Kate Clinton, comedian

Jim Morris, impersonator

Former Presidents George Bush and Ronald Reagan

Vice President Al Gore

and Texas Governor George W. Bush.