Election 2000 Continues

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Presidential politics ad nauseum: The count goes on. And the lawsuits, and the spin. Both camps have hardened around polar positions: Democrats insist that the manual recount continue, and claim that it is the only just way to determine the winner of the Florida vote; Republicans are adamant that Bush already won the vote as well as the machine recounts and that hand-counting ballots in only Democratic counties is patently unfair. An irresistible Democratic force is about to meet an unmovable Republic object, in the form of Florida’s Secretary of State Katherine Harris.

The quickening pace of court appearances and press conferences add to the partisanship atmosphere, and the likelihood that the losing candidate’s supporters will say an injustice has been done. Republicans have already impounded 78 chads as evidence of the flaws and potential fraud in the hand-counting process. Is there an outcome and a process yet we can accept? This hour on The Connection.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Neil Katyal, professor of law at Georgetown University and Einer Elhaug from Harvard Law School

Bill Curry, former personal counsel to President Clinton

and Tucker Carlson, writer for the Weekly Standard.