David Sibley's 'Field Guide to the Birds'

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If David Allen Sibley were a bird he says he’d be a Brown Booby, a Caribbean bird that lives a long life and has few worries. But David Sibley is a rarer bird than that; he’s more like a Kirtland’s Warbler or a whooping crane, the tallest bird around. Sibley has just written what promises to become the new bible of bird watching after Roger Tory Peterson’s definitive “Field Guide to the Birds.” David Sibley has meticulously drawn all 810 species of North American birds. In hundreds of illustrations, he shows America’s birds in flight and in all their plumages. He describes the calls and behavior of each species’, plots their migration routes and breeding locations….

If you’re looking for a Buff-collared Nightjar or a Chuck-will’s-widow; a Magnificent Frigate Bird or a Gilded Flicker, David Allen Sibley can help you track them down. The Birdman is this hour on the Connection.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


David Allen Sibley, author of the National Audubon Society’s “The Sibley Guide to Birds”

and E. Vernon Laux, author of “Bird News: Vagrants and Visitors on a Peculiar Island”