Satirist Stan Freberg

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It’s been said that “If you want to know a nation, listen to it’s satirists”. So if you want to know America a good place to start is Stan Freberg. Stan Freberg the grand satirist of radio and records and a legend in the world of marketing was born around the time the first commercial stations starting operating. Born the son of a Baptist minister in Pasadena, California his love for radio came early on, he say’s that when the other kids went outside to play ball, he went inside to play the radio. It was the daytime radio sitcoms like Vic and Sade, the brainy comedy of Fred Allen and the compelling drama and choruses of Norman Corwin’s “On a Note of Triumph” that Stan Freberg sites as influences.

After work doing cartoon voices for Warner Brother’s, entertaining overseas during WWII, performing in nightclubs and landing several radio acting jobs, Stan Freberg finally landed a hit which he honed from his nightclubs act called “John and Marsha”.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Stan Freberg is our guest this hour, whose CD and Video box set is called “Tip of the Freberg: The Stan Freberg Collection 1951-1998.”