Bush, the Sequel

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Greetings Dubya and Bushes all. Welcome to Washington and the inaugural ball. Hello to Laura and each twin, there’s Jeb, Poppy, Babs and kin. Welcome back to the old bush friends – Rummy, Dick, and Matalin. Hey to Colin and Condi Rice, Ashcroft and Norton aren’t so nice. Here come Paige, Evans, and Chao; Thompson, Whitman, but no Chavez now. The Beltway brats call Bush a bore, but wouldn’t Al Gore just bore you more? Dubya’s got a Texas style, the crooked brow, the smirky smile. He’s the country’s CEO.

GM and co. will run the show. But after all, are you sure you won? Five-to-four and the deal was done. Godspeed to good old POTUS Bill, we’ll wave to Hillary on the Hill. Let loose the chad confetti, Betty, Scalia’s pick was born ready. Strike up the band, George get sworn in. The country’s gone Republican.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Sally Quinn, author

Evan Thomas, Newsweek columnist

Andrew Sullivan, New Republic columnist.