Ordinary Girls Leading Extraordinary Lives

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Put aside those headlines about girls’ eating disorders, low self-esteem and self-mutilation. The three McPhee sisters say there’s another story to tell about girls today. These McPhee’s – 30-something professionals, all married, all mothers – made their own sisterly trek across America to take their own sample, and found, so it turned around, all sorts of ordinary girls doing extraordinary things.

The girls they met were rappers, chess champions, ice hockey players, poets, award winning scientists, midshipmen, harpists, cheerleaders, fishermen, ballerinas, wrestlers, actors and pole vaulters. These girls were not intimidated by boys, were not afraid of achievement, admitted no obstacles to their ambitions. Moreover, they loved being girls! These girls, says one of the sisters Martha McPhee “believe in themselves with a confidence that is terrifically empowering.” They’re “intrepid … dynamic and invincible.” Sugar and spice 2001, here.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Laura, Martha, and Jenny McPhee

authors of “Girls.”