Paris to the Moon

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Paris – city for lovers, City of Light. The unique culture of the French capital attracts millions of visitors each year.

They indulge in quickie tours of the Eiffel Tower, buy posters of Monet’s “Water Lillies,” and dine at bistros on prix fixe (pree feex-ay) meals. But take five years – a wife, a baby, and an eye for cultural criticism – and you have the makings of a deeper tale. New Yorker essayist Adam Gopnik trains his eye on the City of Light from the inside, with a new collections of essays – Paris to the Moon.

He brings to life everything from Parisian health clubs – to WWII war crimes – to the impassioned battle to save a restaurant from corporate takeover. Underlying it all are the pecularities of the Franco-American relationship, and the joys and struggles of his family – living as foreigners.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Adam Gopnik, author of “Paris to the Moon.”