Election Deadlock

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When Election Day turned into election month, America got a made-for-TV civics lesson and arguably its first Supreme Court-appointed President.

But after official and now independent recounts, it’s still not clear whether George W. Bush should have won Florida’s crucial twenty-five electoral votes. What is obvious is that our democratic process is flawed – voting technology is out-of-date and inconsistent, dispute resolution is sometimes arbitrary – and many still question a system that doesn’t guarantee the presidency to the winner of the popular vote.

We’re a few months out from The Florida Debacle now – maybe it’s time to find out what really happened – and if it means anything in Washington today. We’re looking beyond the ballot box and behind the scenes of the Florida mess.
(Hosted By John Mcchesney)


David Von Drehle, political reporter for The Washington Post and author of “Deadlock”

Bill Rose, deputy managing editor of The Palm Beach Post.