Flowers That Bloom in the Spring

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Those luscious colors … those intoxicating aromas … the alluring shapes of the flowers that bloom in the spring are there for one thing … and one thing only.

And that, quite simply, is sex…to help propagate more little violets and dewdrops and daffodils. That, at any rate, is what un-romantic evolutionists say. But it’s spring, and who wants to avoid amore? People have always been a little daft about flowers, especially after a long cold winter. Today we consider the lilies and the tulips and the people who plant them.

And we consider how sexy those little petals really are…and how they stir our dull roots. Even the Japanese take the day off when the cherry trees flower. The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring Connection is here.
(Hosted by Judy Swallow)


Ketzel Levine, host of NPR’s Talking Plants

Tom Fischer, editor of Horticulture Magazine;

Sharman Apt Russell, author of “Anatomy of a Rose: Exploring the Secret Life of Flowers”